Giving A Future To The Past

Since 1916 Graciano Corporation has been pioneering new ways of Giving a Future to the Past. We are one of the oldest and most experienced restoration firms in the United States. Over the years, we’ve grown from a small, family-owned company to an acknowledged leader in masonry restoration, preservation of historic landmarks, restoration, beautification and repair. Graciano has the finest restoration force in the industry and has received numerous restoration awards. Graciano Corporation provides masonry, historic and concrete restoration, as well as residential restoration. Graciano has successfully completed assignments on many of America’s most visible and beloved landmark structures. Committed to delivering the finest craftsmanship at competitive prices, we specialize in accurately and effectively restoring exterior and interior installations of brick, stone, stucco, tile terra cotta, terrazzo and concrete.


Graciano Masonry Restoration Services

At Graciano, we take pride in our expertise and experience. Our skilled tradespeople—some fourth-generation masons and craftworkers—have years of experience in the field. Their skills and attention to detail, along with our standardized Quality Assurance program for field and management procedures, bring peace of mind to building owners and managers. We adhere to our own exacting standards and guidelines, and on historic landmarks we follow Department of Interior Standards for Historic Preservation.



To learn more about Graciano Corporation and our complete line of restoration, preservation and residential services, please contact us today for an estimate on your next project.